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Produced originally in areas across West Africa, this handmade bar soap offers a unique experience and a refreshing alternative to most typical bar soaps found in Western marketplaces. Each tribe has its own unique recipe for their black soap, and no two are alike! A great cleanser for all skin types, this soap is said to be beneficial for helping to ease the effects of acne, eczema, psoriasis, itchy scalp, and sensitive skin. It works wonderfully no matter what your ethnicity may be, on any skin type or color.

Please note: Due to its texture you don’t want to get the whole bar of soap wet at one time. You can easily cut the soap into smaller pieces with a butter knife. To use, simply take a small piece of soap, dampen and mold in your hand and use with or without a wash cloth and bathe as desired. Black soap lathers extremely well, and a small amount will last a very long time.