MountainsToSeaSkin Vegan Bath Bomb - 2.5” Regular & 3” Extra Large - Amethyst Geode $19.19 & $23.02

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Watch this bath bomb fizz and bubble as it dissolves from a gorgeous work of art that resembles an amethyst geode to a moisturizing, deliciously scented bath accoutrement. The colloidal oatmeal and cocoa butter in this formula can soak in, soften and calm your skin. Mica pigments bring the look of the amethyst geode to life. Ingredients: baking soda, kaolin clay, colloidal oatmeal, citric acid (food grade), mineral sea salt, raw cocoa butter, lavender essential oil, cosmetic-grade mica pigments. 

Note: The cocoa butter present in this product may make your bathtub more slippery than usual, so please be very careful when you exit the tub following your bath. Cocoa butter is used in these bath bombs for its amazing moisturizing properties.