New York Bathhouse Gelato Whipped Sugar Soap Scrub - 8 oz - Caramel Frappuccino $22.40

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A delight for the senses, this gelato whipped sugar soap scrub is ideal when you want to spend some time scrubbing yourself clean. The soap really does look exactly like a caramel frappuccino, and it smells like one, too. Before you sink your teeth in, however, be advised that this product really is 100% soap! New York Bathhouse creates some marvelous masterpieces and this soap scrub is just another one. It comes with a small paddle to easily apply the scrub and get it out of its container without getting your wet hands in the container (this will melt the sugar and Epsom salts and remove the scrub properties in doing so). This soap is made of sweet almond oil, Shea butter soap, Epsom salts, organic sugar, fragrance, and glitter.