Electric Lip Plumper Device Automatic Lip Enhancer

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  • The lip plumper device tool is to boost flow into the capillaries of your lips, giving you dramatic results after plumped. The self-suction feature will let you adjust the enhancement level for the creation of a perfect lip line.
  • A manual lip plumper tool plumped the lips as full as an electric one to create fuller lips. It’s suction-like pressure that increases blood flow to the lips creating that coveted, smooth, and swollen look. Compact, easy to use, and portable enough to fit in a purse.
  • A lot of plumper's require you to do the bottom and top lip separately, but our lip plumper device does the whole mouth at the same time! It's a great option for your beauty routine.
  • This high quality lip plumper with one big oval shape mouthpiece is designed to accommodate different mouth shapes.
  • Before using this lip plumper tool, please moisturize your lips with lip balm or water, this will get more noticeable results. As a beginner, please plump your lips at most 60 seconds for the first use, and the results will last for 2 to 3 hours. You can use it for longer as you get used to the plumping machine.